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School Teacher's Review Body issue recommendations

On the 24th July 2018, the School Teachers’ Review Body issued their 28th report making recommendations for the upcoming school year regarding teachers’ pay.

Bearing in mind that at this stage, the recommendations are as they say, recommendations, the Review Body recommended that teachers pay and allowances across all teaching and school leader pay ranges will be afforded an uplift of 3.5%.

The reasoning behind the recommendations are to reflect graduate starting pay in what is a competitive labour market and decrease the difficulty in recruiting teachers. It is hoped that the recommendations will assist school leaders and governing bodies in the recruitment and retention of teachers in their schools. The key recommendations are below:

“Our recommendations

For September 2018, we recommend that all pay and allowance ranges for teachers and school leaders are uplifted by 3.5%. This will address deteriorating trends in teacher retention by improving the position of the teachers’ pay framework in the labour market for graduate professions. Unless we act now, graduate starting pay will also have moved still further ahead by next year, making teacher recruitment more difficult. As has been the case for several years now, school leaders and governing bodies have autonomy in determining how their schools spend the funding they receive. It is for them to determine how to implement the changes to the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) arising from our recommendations. Different schools will make different decisions depending on their local circumstances, and this is an inherent feature of the way that the school pay and funding systems now work. Our objective in making our recommendations is to set a national pay framework that will assist school leaders and governing bodies in the recruitment and retention of teachers in their schools. They should give suitable priority to teachers’ pay when setting their budgets to help ensure that an effective workforce is maintained.”

When the 2018/2019 School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document is released we will be back in touch with further information, in the meantime however, you can see the full report here

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