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GDPR Updates - New policies and terms

The 25th of May draws ever closer, I’m sure you are working hard to ensure that all necessary work has been carried out to safeguard your ongoing compliance with Data Protection and the incoming General Data Protection Regulation.

Like all businesses, here at FusionHR we have had to carry out a full review of our policies and procedures and these have been updated accordingly to make sure that the services we provide to you, continues to be as secure and compliant as possible. As the deadline nears we have been receiving correspondence asking about particular details of our preparations for GDPR and elements of our processing activities, so you can effectively carry out your Data Protection Impact Assessments.

In light of this we wanted to make sure all our clients are as informed as possible, so next week we will be issuing the FusionHR Statement of Compliance in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation. This document contains a myriad of information about what we have been doing and how we handle information to enable you to carry out some of the work you are required to do as Data Controllers.

We will also issue updated Terms and Conditions that reflect the change in legislation and an updated Privacy Notice for clients to review. These documents together should hopefully answer a number of the questions you may have for us with your own GDPR Preparations, if not, then please do get in touch with us at DPO@fusionbusiness.org.uk and we will happily answer any further questions or queries you may have.

If you are struggling to get to grips with GDPR and would like some help moving this area of your business forward, we are offering a GDPR Health Check which will help provide insight into the subject, assess where you are at so far and provide an action plan of what you need to do now and what to do moving forward.
If this sounds of interest to please contact one of the team on 01924 827869 for more information.

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