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GDPR and Data Protection - FAQs

Following on from our workshops on GDPR and Data Protection, we wanted to provide further information on some of the queries we received. We hope you find these useful, but if you want to know more, book onto one of our workshops in the New Year. We have one in Liversedge on 17th January and one in Bradford on 8th February.

Will we require a Data Protection Officer?

Any organisation or business whose core activity is monitoring people or activity, will require a Data Protection Officer. In addition, all public authorities and schools, will also require a Data Protection Officer.

Will we need to get consent for contacting parents/clients?

GDPR will increase the standard of consent needed. It depends on the reasons you are contacting them. There is also some useful information that has been published on the differences between legitimate reasons for contact and consent. Click here to read more. Consent will need to be obtained historically, for existing clients and parents, as well as new ones after May.

Does it affect CCTV?

GDPR will affect the use of CCTV in the sense that actions will need to be taken. The ICO, the regulatory body for Data Protection has issued guidance on CCTV use in schools. Click here for more information.

Where do we start?

The ICO recommend that you carry out a Privacy Impact Assessment – Click here for more information

It would also be useful to attend one of our GDPR workshops which highlights the key changes and action points. To book, just click on the course below.

GDPR Data Protection Training – Wakefield – 17th January

GDPR Data Protection Training – Bradford – 8th February

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