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Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006

From the 1st September 2018, changes to Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006 will come into effect. The key change for schools and private nurseries is the removal of disqualification by association from non-domestic childcare settings. The rules will still apply to domestic childcare providers such as childminders. You must continue to follow the current statutory guidance dated June 2016 until 31st August 2018.

The change has been brought about by feedback to the DfE which raised concerns about the fairness and proportionality of the arrangements on childcare workers in schools and other non-domestic registered stettings, specifically the disqualification by association component.

The DfE as a result of this set out to consult with stakeholders regarding the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulation which resulted in the above change. You can see the statutory guidance for schools about employing staff who have been disqualified from providing childcare on this link.

Our documentation regarding this subject has now been updated and is available for clients to download on our resources page.

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