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Are you proactively managing HR issues in your business?

We all know that managing people isn’t easy on top of the day job and being able to rely on good systems, data and processes makes life a lot easier. It’s easy to miss those key opportunities to ensure you’re getting the best from your employees and often it’s the HR matters that cause the most upset.

Here are our top tips for proactively managing HR:

  1. Staff Policies and Procedures – ensure they are up-to-date and that all staff have received a copy and signed all necessary documents – don’t make them contractual;
  2. HR Strategy – do you have a plan in place? If not why not? They are your biggest asset and your largest financial cost, include priority areas and also criteria as to what and how stats will be monitored and reported;
  3. Safeguarding – if you work with children or vunerable adults check that your Safeguarding policies and processes are in line with legislation;
  4. Contracts of Employment – are they fit for purpose and commercially viable, if you’re unsure an audit of your current contracts is recommended!
  5. Job Descriptions – often forgotten about and hardly ever updated but form the basis of any restructure or capability case;
  6. Appraisal and Capability – robust appraisal processes ensure staff have that up-to-date job descriptions and a focus for the year, don’t forget to use the relevant standards to underpin the process and be clear about the process to follow if staff don’t perform to the expected level;
  7. Attendance – although sickness absence is the key area to focus on tracking all types of absence (both authorised and unauthorised) ensure you keep on top of what’s happening. A good software package is an absolute must;
  8. Training and Development – if you have a CPD plan in place which covers all staff then you’re doing better than most, training is often sporadically organised, so give yourself a pat on the back. For those of you who haven’t got an all singing and dancing plan in place, use the appraisal process outcomes and staff skills audits to support you to identify what’s needed;
  9. Induction – a robust induction programme will only ever benefit an organisation as many new starters aren’t aware of how an organisation operates and what not to do. Sign off the induction programme and keep a copy on the employee’s personnel file as it may be needed for future reference.

If you need any help with any of the points above please get in touch with your HR Consultant or call 01924 827869, our friendly team will be happy to help.

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