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FusionHR supports multiple Multi-Academy trusts across the UK. We provide strategic and operational support helping your MAT leadership team to be as effective as possible.

Strategic HR Support for MATs

  • HR Strategy for MATs - Devising a HR Strategy for future business planning
  • Strategic Recruitment for MATs - Help recruiting your HR team at a trust level
  • HR Support for MATs - Providing a critical friend for a second opinion when needed and the support to help you achieve your objectives
  • Academy conversion - Due diligence for converting schools and academies
  • Job Evaluation for MATs - Helping to design a bespoke job evaluation scheme for the trust
  • Bespoke education-based training for Multi-Academy Trusts - such as our MAT Programme for CEO’s and financial managers.


Think People Strategy for MATS


We also support MATS with defining their vision and values and shaping their people. We can assist with:

  • Staff Recruitment, Retention and Diversity
  • Remuneration and Fair Employment
  • Size and composition of the workforce: effective workforce planning and development
  • Staff Development and Skills Needs Fit
  • Leadership, Involvement and Change Management
  • Performance Management: Linking People Management and Organisational Performance
  • Occupational Health, Staff Welfare and Health and Safety
  • Success Barriers

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