Tribunal Representation & Insurance

Support and cover when you need it most


Tribunal Representation


If an issue reaches Tribunal we can be by your side every step of the way. We will attend hearings, prepare documents, provide legal representation and advise you on any post-hearing actions. We will make sure that a difficult situation is made less stressful, providing you with the confidence that you are supported by experienced HR and Legal representation.

What makes us unique

  • 100% positive outcome at Tribunals

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance


To make sure you are protected we offer Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This provides cover to fund awards and compensation payments, just in case you find yourself in a position where this is necessary. The cover automatically includes all subsidiary companies including any subsidiaries acquired during the period of insurance. It provides you with the option to also elect to defend claims rather than settle where there is a good prospect of success.

What makes us unique

  • Any one claim cover, no aggregate limit
  • No limit to the number of claims that can be made
  • No excess payable if you have followed our advice
  • If advice is not followed but the claim is successfully defended, then no excess is payable
  • No prospect of success clause so therefore all claims are covered
  • 30-day management buy-out cover

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